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Our responsibility

DECADENT is built on a desire to act with respect for people and animals and at the same time insure exclusive, long lasting products. The bags and accessories are made in the best leather quality and in a simple design that stand the test of time. The leather used for all DECADENT styles come from the food industry. This ensures that no animals are slaughtered just to use their skins. The Turkish tannery, from which DECADENT gets all leather, meets EU's strict environment quality standards. The tannery seeks to reduce their negative footprint by choosing better production methods and by creating beautiful long lasting leathers for the production. The family-owned factory is known for its proud tradition of producing leather bags and accessories in high quality and with many exclusive, handcrafted details. All employees work under good conditions. By placing our production and tannery in Turkey, we ensure that bags and accessories are produced with respect for people and animals, and at the same time that the environmental impact from transportation stays at a minimum.