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About Decadent

DECADENT is an independent company founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2005. The woman behind the brand is Karina Mundt Holst, owner and creative director. After several years in the fashion industry she created her own brand, as she fell in love with her mother’s old bag from the 70’s. Karina Mundt Holst redesigned this particular bag and named it Working Bag. Today this is an iconic DECADENT bag.

All DECADENT styles are designed by Karina Mundt Holst and produced in a family-owned factory in Turkey, where know-how and craftsmanship have been passed on through generations.

All DECADENT styles are still designed by Karina Mundt Holst who today is surrounded by a dedicated team in Kokkedal, Denmark. All styles are designed and distributed to a wide range of the best Danish and international retailers and customers from the head office in Denmark.