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In our collection of small bags, we are focused on creating small bags with various opportunities. Therefore, many of the smaller bags have a detachable strap making it possible to use it for different purposes such as a clutch. Also many of the straps can be regulated to use it at a cross over or simply hanging on the shoulder or around the waist.


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  1. Rhea small cross-body bag
    Rhea small cross-body bag
    Army-Mint green-Cognac
  2. Michelle tiny bag
    Michelle tiny bag
    Mint green
  3. Marcia small double bag
    Marcia small double bag
    Nappe army
  4. Michelle tiny bag
    Michelle tiny bag
    Opal green
  5. Brooke small flap bag
    Brooke small flap bag
    Special Price €245.00 Regular Price €350.00
  6. Gloria double bag
    Gloria double bag
  7. Gina mobile cross-over
    Gina mobile cross-over
    Suede army
  8. Valerie small cross-over
  9. Cathy big cross-over
    Cathy big cross-over
    Suede army
    Special Price €255.50 Regular Price €365.00
  10. Paris bum bag
    Paris bum bag
    Suede army
  11. Riley shoulder bag
    Riley shoulder bag
  12. Jade belt bag
    Jade belt bag
    Suede army

12 Items

Set Descending Direction