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Aya shoulder bag

Aya shoulder bag

Suede grey/Suede black/Black

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587 Aya shoulder bag in suede grey/suede black/black is a new lady-like and elegant style that is usable for everyday as well as for going out. The bag closes with a flap, which has black leather on the upper side, and an exclusive two-colored buckle in silver and gold. Inside it is divided into two compartments separated by a zippered compartment that is large enough so that both wallet and other items can be stored away. Furthermore there is also a small side pocket. The bag is worn over the shoulder and it’s leather strap has pushbuttons, so you can make the strap both long and short.
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Width 27,5
Height 16,5
Depth 11,5
Maintenance guide


All DECADENT products are made with love and made to last. To ensure the greatest longevity of this product, we recommend using protection spray regularly. Avoid moisture and rain if possible, but if the product gets wet, remove any residual liquid immediately with a soft, dry cloth and allow it to dry naturally. If stained, then clean with a special leather cream on a soft, dry cloth. Please ensure not to rub the leather as it can leave marks.

When not in use, to prevent creases and ensure it retains its original shape, please stuff your bag with tissue paper and store in the dust bag provided.


DECADENT-Protector is a protection spray, which protects the leather from dirt and moisture. Use the spray before use and follow up regularly all over the bag.

DECADENT-Leather balm is a cleansing care product for all types of leather. The leather balm carefully cleanses the leather and applies moisture and care without changing the colour of the leather. Apply the leather balm with a dry cloth all over the bag and leave it to dry. 


Leather is a natural product. Therefore, small variations in the leather are a natural characteristic. Each item is unique and can vary in shade and texture. Excess dye might come off when first used. To avoid smudging other fabrics use protection spray and wear with similar colours until the excess dye vanishes.

Suede leather has an open surface, which makes it more delicate. This type of leather is more likely to rub off, to get dirty and the colour may fade over time.

All leather will soften when used and will take shape after the use of it. This means that heavy objects or overfilling of a leather product will most likely leave visible traces of wear and tear.

We hope that you will enjoy your new DECADENT leather item and take good care of it.

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