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The leather used on our products should be treated with normal protection spray. We recommend DECADENT-Protector. It is always a great idea to spray the product before use and follow up regularly as this makes the product resistant to dirt and moisture. If you are not using the bag for a while, it is a good idea to stuff it with paper to prevent it from collapsing.
  • Leather balm
    Leather balm
    Leather balm DECADENT-Leather balm is a cleansing care product suited for most of our leather qualities (CROCO, ANACONDA, PONY, SUEDE and NUBUCK leather excluded). The Leather balm carefully cleanses the leather and applies moisture and care without changing the colour of the leather. Treat your bag with the balm when it feels dry and moisture needy. New products from DECADENT does not need balm already, you can treat it with Protection stray in the beginning instead. This product can only be purchased as a complement to another product.
  • Leather protection
    Leather protection
    The leather used on our products should be treated with normal protection spray (CROCO, PONY and ANACONDA leather should not be treated with protection spray). We recommend DECADENT-Protector. This spray protects the leather from dirt and moisture. This product can only be purchased as a complement to another product.


DECADENT is an independent company founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2005. Behind the brand is Karina Mundt Holst, owner and creative director. After several years in the fashion industry she created her own brand, as she fell in love with her mother’s old bag from the 70’s. Karina Mundt Holst redesigned this particular bag and named it Working Bag. Today this is an iconic DECADENT bag. All DECADENT styles are produced at a family-owned factory in Turkey where know-how and craftsmanship have been passed on through generations.


DECADENT was founded around one particular bag, a bag with a history, in clean design and with a classic appeal. This classic look is still the essence of the brand, and the variety in the collection lays in the many colours and leather qualities. Every season, new icons have been and will be added. We want to create bags for women of all ages, any purpose - day or night, any outfit. The designs are influenced by everyday life of women around the world and their needs for practical, but yet stylish bags and accessories. We never let trends dictate our design; we find inspirations in trends to create effortless, essential bags and accessories in clean, classic and cool design and in a high quality.


DECADENT is built on a desire to act with respect for people and animals and at the same time insure exclusive, long lasting products. Our bags and accessories are made in the best leather quality and in a simple design that stand the test of time. The leather used for all DECADENT styles come from the food industry. This ensures optimal use of animals, and that no animals are slaughtered just to use their skins and reject the rest. The Turkish tannery, from which we get all leather, meets EU's strict environment quality standards. The tannery seeks to reduce their negative footprint by choosing better production methods and by creating beautiful long lasting leathers for the production. Our production in Turkey is very special to us. The family-owned factory is know for its proud tradition of producing leather bags and asseccories in high quality and with many exclusive, handcrafted details. All employees work under good conditions. By placing our production and tannery in Turkey, we ensure that bags and accessories are produced with respect for people and animals, and at the same time that the environmental transport impact stays at a minimum.


Visit our flagship store in Copenhagen and experience a complete DECADENDT universe. We have put all of our energy into creating a universe that reflects the DECADENT DNA. At the flagship store you will find the entire collection and all available colour variants. Get the ultimate DECADENT experience and meet our competent staff, which will take you through the collections and the different care instructions recommend for our products. DECADENT Flagship store is located at St. Regnegade 3, 1110 Copenhagen K. Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 11am-5.30pm and Saturday 11am-4pm. Contact by phone: +45 70707637.